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Our pledge is to work toward a green future for our children and for the future of our planet. 


In 2021 Greening Wymondham pledged to give a tree to every final year primary school child in Wymondham.  In 2022, as part of the 1 Million Trees for Norfolk initiative, and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Greening Wymondham will again present every Year 6 pupil in three primary schools with a tree in December.  The children will receive a bare root tree whip, suitable for planting in a small garden, for raising in a pot in a courtyard, or for planting in a public area to be sourced with Greening Wymondham’s or their school’s, aid.  The trees were purchased from the Norfolk County Council who are running the scheme.  It has been chosen with biodiversity, nature connectivity,  clean air and small gardens in mind.   


Greening Wymondham hope that the children will plant their tree whip immediately when they get home(!) giving it a chance to live and thrive in your garden.   Otherwise heel it in to be planted finally later; planting and heeling in instructions are below. The children could write a secret message with their name on it, saying this is their tree planted with hope for your green future on this day in 2022, and plant it with their tree.  Once planted, add the tree online to the Queen’s Green Canopy Map.

Trees are essential for the health of our environment. When established, trees hold carbon, and when they are older, the substantial amounts of carbon they hold are essential in our bid to reduce carbon emissions.  Furthermore, trees provide valuable habitat for birds and many species of invertebrates.  When leaves shed in the winter, they decompose, adding food to the soil and providing shelter for wildlife.  Leaves make a great mulch for your garden when gathered and combined with manure. Trees take up water whereas pavements, roads and deforested land can and do cause run-offs and flooding.  Trees signal to other trees, and share nutrients with each other too (can you believe it?) through the soil.  More trees will keep our planet cooler, and are absolutely vital for our future.


By the way, trees can be cut into hedge trees if you are worried about them growing too big.  Hedges, and hedgehogs too, matter.  And just so you know, if a larger established tree and house seem to live in harmony with each other despite close proximity, it is better not to disturb that relationship.

To learn how to plant and care for your tree please see our information sheet below, along with a video on planting trees from the Woodland Trust.

We would love it if you shared pictures of your trees on social media.  Please tag us in your photos, we’re on Instagram and Facebook, and use hashtag #GWtreesforschools.

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