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What can I do? 


Remember there are compromises to be made.  You may not be able to change all these things but everything you do makes an impact.




Fly less, reduce car journeys, switch off idling car engines, walk or cycle more, use public transport.


Energy use


Improve your insulation, use renewable energy systems, adjust your thermostat, switch to green energy, wash at lower temperatures, hang clothes to dry, switch off electrical appliances at night.  Money Saving Expert has a guide on saving energy with many of the tips costing nothing to do.


Consumption of goods and services

Reduce, reuse, recycle, start up a repair café, start composting, buy loose goods rather than packaged, avoid drinks in plastic bottles, consider divesting funds out of polluting activities and make sustainable investments.


Consider eating less meat and dairy, avoid food waste, grow your own fruit and vegetables, start a compost heap, only buy what you need and store it properly.


Encourage wildlife, avoid bedding plants, plant a tree, avoid paving your driveway, cut a hole in your fence to allow hedgehogs to roam, allow roadside verges to grow, cut grass less often.

Engagement in local and political advocacy around climate change issues

Attend council meetings to support environmental policies, use your vote to support politicians engaging with climate change issues, join Greening Wymondham.


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