Since starting this group up, the group have

  • Instigated and worked with the Norwich Fringe project to manage the woodland at Kett’s Park with regular work days.

  • Raised over £27,000 towards a new footpath through the woodland at the back of Kett’s Park

  • Held bi-annual litter picks within the town

  • Tree planting at Fairland Church, Standley Court, alongside the river Tiffey

  • Installed a new hedge at Kings Head Meadow

  • Planted 3000 bulbs on grassland by the traffic lights

  • Publicised existing re-cycling schemes and actively encouraging businesses to support further recycling within the town.

Our future plans include

  • Continuing the woodland management at Kett’s Park

  • Continue co-ordinating litter picks within the town

  • Continue with more tree/hedge planting initiatives

  • Arrange a conference on climate issues

  • Seek a means to bring Moot Hill (currently under private ownership) into an organisation which will allow public access & further allow woodland management work for the community

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