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Learn about our recent funding and how these funds are used by Greening Wymondham to help improve our local environment.

Local Co-operative Community Fund donates £3,826 to Greening Wymondham

Co-op cheque 2021.JPG

The Co-operative shop manager, Jason Austin, and co-op staff presented cheques from their Local Co-op Community Fund raising where customers can nominate the preferred local organization who they would like their dividend support to go to.  Greening Wymondham received £3,826.

Nicola Maunders, chair of Greening Wymondham, said “We're delighted by the huge support from the Wymondham Co-op - and from everyone who opted for us.  There are so many local endeavours supported by the Coop and it makes a huge difference to all of us.”

Greening Wymondham uses funds it raises towards:

  • Purchasing sapling trees to allow every Y6 pupil to receive and plant a tree

  • Organising and providing equipment for the Town Litter Pick twice a year

  • Purchasing bulbs to plant in woodlands to encourage wildlife diversity (and in particular bees) and to brighten up selected verges

  • Supporting Wymondham Town Council by Greening Wymondham volunteers working with the Norwich Fringe Project on Woodland Management at Kett’s Park & Path maintenance

  • Supporting the Lizard Trust by Greening Wymondham volunteers working with Norwich Fringe Project with work being done at the Lizard

  • Identifying appropriate land and encouraging the relevant council to leave the land unmown to aid wildlife diversity

  • Organising the removal of Himalayan Balsam (an invasive non-native species) from the banks of the Tiffey

  • Purchasing seeds and fruit trees for a Community Orchard at Browick Road

  • Working with South Norfolk Council to develop a Green Infrastructure for Wymondham

  • Working with Wymondham Town Council on making certain parks more amenable to the community


Thank you to the Co-operative and everyone who supported us!

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