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What can I do in Wymondham? 

Remember there are compromises to be made.  You may not be able to change all these things but everything you do makes an impact.

  • Reno Wine and Wholefoods offer lots of refillable options.

    • Lots of different dry foods can be bought loose.  Bring your own containers to refill to be extra green.

    • Refill washing detergent, fabric softener and various cleaning products.

    • There’s even a refillable wine option!

    • Their website Reno Refills gives details of how to refill along with the options available and current prices.

  • If possible avoid or reduce the amount of pre-packaged fruit and veg you buy and instead buy loose and use your own fruit and veg bags.  You can buy local made Veginets from the The Big C charity shop.

  • Consider switching (back) to milk deliveries.  Watch this video at around 6 mins 45 secs to see just how many plastic milk bottles a typical family of four uses in a year.  In our area Milk & More offer milk deliveries.

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