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What can I do in Wymondham? 

Remember there are compromises to be made.  You may not be able to change all these things but everything you do makes an impact.

  • Make a pledge to fly less or stop flying completely if possible.

  • Catch the train or bus to the airport.  From 15 December 2019, there will be trains from Wymondham direct to Stansted airport terminal building.  Plan journeys on National Express or National Rail.

  • Use public transport instead of the car. The Traveline Website will help you to find your way around locally or nationally.

  • Have you considered an electric car?  Prices are coming down all the time and charging points are increasing.  Various charging points are available in and around Wymondham including 4 in the Market St car park.  You can discover all current local charging points on the the Zap-map Website.  The government runs a grant scheme offering up to 75% off charging points at a domestic property under its OLEV scheme.

  • Try sharing car journeys with a friend, family member or colleague. This could save you money if you share expenses too. Join a liftshare scheme or car club.

  • Many car journeys are shorter than 5 miles.  Could you walk, cycle or scoot instead? This is the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly option.  This will boost those mood-enhancing chemicals, keep you fitter and save you money at the same time!  Wymondham is only a few miles across and there is a cycle route all the way from Wymondham to Norwich via Hethersett.

  • If you do have to drive somewhere, try to incorporate another errand into the journey while you are in that area.

  • Switch off your engine whilst you are stationary.  Don’t leave the engine idling while you wait outside the chip shop!

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