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We are organising a litter pick to cover the South West (Williams Park/Abbey Road estate and area) & South East (Silfield) parts of Wymondham and central parts of Wymondham once again.  Our last litter pick covered the more central areas and we’d like to trial an idea where some folk start OUT OF the town centre working on pre-defined routes towards the centre – this we think would be good as our aim is cover all of Wymondham by varying locations.


For this litter pick - we aim to have 3 start points but one end point.

Start points would be:

  • from the Nightingale Avenue – meet Mike - four routes with folk working in pairs from there towards the Baptist Church or

  • (Old) London Road – OFF B1172 – meet Peter - four routes with folk working in pairs from there towards the Baptist Church

  • Inevitably there may be some overlap of routes

  • Baptist Church – as previously, collecting equipment and decide where you wish to go, returning to the Baptist Church.


What we'd like to know is whom would like to start from the Nightingale Avenue or (Old) London Road (so we can have equipment there for you to collect), it might be that we restrict this to four pairs of folk, so we will operate first email, first served. If you wish to start from the Baptist Church then just turn up.


Our idea is to issue you with a route card if starting from Nightingale Avenue or (Old) London Road (whichever start point), so that all areas are covered and hopefully not too much duplication.


So please let us know in advance if you'd like to litter pick and where you'd like to start from by contacting us.

Litter Pick May 23.jpg
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