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Visit our community stall at the Farmers’ Market for all things HEDGEHOG and more on Saturday 15th October between 9am-1pm.  Find out about helping hedgehogs in your garden as they prepare to hibernate for the winter.  Joining us will be Kazzy a local hedgehog expert who can advise on fostering or rehoming a rescued hedgehog.

Photos from our first stall in May 2021

On Saturday 15th May 2021 we had our first Hedgehog Haven stall at Wymondham Farmer’s Market.  It was an opportunity for people to come along and learn more about hedgehogs, pick up a badge and order their own hedgehog hotel from the The Men's Shed stall.  Wymondham in Bloom also had a stall with us promoting their goal of brightening the Town centre with flowers for all to enjoy.

Photos from our stall in October 2021

We held our second Hedgehog Haven stall on Saturday 16th October.  We had lots of visitors interested in how to help hedgehogs.  Everyone who visited the stall was asked to add a pin to our map to record any local hedgehog sightings.  We had just over 40 sightings plus some in outlying villages!  We also helped direct two people to PACT who had poorly hedgehogs.  In total we were able to collect £40 of donations for Hodmedod’s hedgehog charity.  Thank you to everyone who came along.

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