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Hedgehogs find all manner of places to explore, rest up and hide.   These “Do’s and Don’ts and Dogs” tips are to help make people aware of dangers and hazards to hedgehogs in gardens and minimise these dangers.




  • Check for Hedgehogs before using a strimmer on long grass and weeds

  • Check for hedgehogs before moving or disturbing woodpiles 

  • Check for Hedgehogs before setting fire to a bonfire

  • Use environmentally safe wood preservatives on fences, sheds etc. Hedgehogs will often lick new smells and substances.

  • Keep Pea netting foot above ground so any Hedgehogs can safely pass under.

  • Put out a shallow bowl of water, especially in hot weather.

  • Keep drain holes and other holes covered to prevent hedgehogs getting stuck or trapped.

  • Check under a shed before removal or replacement, there may be a nest underneath.

  • Keep barbed wire off the ground.




  • Leave Tennis or football nets trailing on the ground, hedgehogs easily get ensnared and strangled by them.

  • Leave Plastic litter hanging around.  Discarded plastic drink rings and bin bags for example can attract and snare a hedgehog. 

  • Fork over compost heaps (until late autumn). The safest time to turn and spread the compost heap is probably October or November when most babies have left their mum and adults have not yet started to hibernate.




  • Dogs share their gardens with Hedgehogs.

  • A few types of dog will attack and bite Hedgehogs.  

  • If you have a dog that you know is likely to attack Hedgehogs try to warn any Hedgehog just before the dog is let out at night.  Turn on an outside light or open the back door a minute or so before actually letting your dog out can help

  • Having a dog may deter hedgehogs from visiting your garden but equally it may not. There are many examples of hedgehogs living in Hedgehog houses and foraging in the gardens of dog owners. 

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