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Hedgehog roads, restoring nature’s old pathways, using public spaces to involve and rebuild communities – all these topics and more were part of a fascinating Zoom seminar held by Greening Wymondham on 4th March 2021.

“We wanted to highlight why and how we can care for the green spaces in Wymondham,” says Greening Wymondham’s Ann Rostron.  “And help councillors, volunteers and supporters to understand what we can all help do and why it’s so necessary.” 

Encouraging wildflower meadows and go low on mowing was one of the messages from Helen Sibley from South Norfolk Council. She said there was a drive to encourage flowers, bees and insects in the parks and countryside sites the council runs.  And to plant trees which are key to many species and help with flooding. None of it would be done without local people buying in to the idea.


Up next on the webinar was someone already working with Greening Wymondham - Matt Davies of the Norfolk Fringe Project.  He is helping drive our Kett’s Wood project but had a fascinating account of how a neglected and antisocial small park in Norwich had been transformed by volunteers replanting and rebuilding fences and access.  Like all the speakers on the webinar he offers training, tools and advice.

Arguing for roads was our final contributor - Helen Baczkowska from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.  Not human roads but the tiny highways small animals used to be able to use before we cut across them.  With the help of farmers, landowners and gardeners her team is working to reintroduce them.  There’s much more to tell about the huge amount of work her team are doing around Wymondham, but NWT are also collecting seeds native to Norfolk that major seed producers can’t afford to produce.

These actions to re-vitalise our verges, public spaces and footpaths can all help towards a greener Norfolk. Next month in Wymondham on-line Magazine – Hedgehog Highways! 

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